Madrid, Spain

The Foundation for Research in Law and Business (FIDE) is a collective project launched by civil society with a clear and defined purpose: to create a shared reflective network within the worlds of law and business. FIDE’s solution is to promote communication, investigation, and the acquisition of information among different economic, political, and social agents worldwide.

FIDE is an organization that broadens intellectual perspective and is not limited by frontiers; instead, it is empowered by dialog and the only hierarchy in place is one that values the quality of an argument. FIDE’s activities create a law and economics think-tank which aims to tackle relevant issues that are plaguing the minds of professional, legal, economic, and governmental communities.

Among the issues discussed through FIDE are: existing laws, legal interpretation, legal application, legal drafting, amendments, revisions, business issues, and the economy. FIDE serves as the common ground where these issues can be discussed, so that coherent, strong, and practical solutions are formulated and examined through calm reflection and analysis. The wide repertoire of activities, forums, seminars, and conferences that we offer to our collaborators and associates serves as the biggest indicator of our initiative and success. Each activity has been possible thanks to the active participation of civil society, ranging from the top management of corporations to partners from law firms, from university experts to judges from the courts of justice, from public administration leaders to lawyers and economists; all of which, are sought and appreciated by FIDE.

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Fide FundaciónCalle de Serrano, 26
28001 Madrid
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