Fondazione Brescia Musei

Brescia, Italy

Brescia Museums was created as a public limited company in 2003 and became a foundation in 2007 to give management continuity to the innovative public-private partnership that has accomplished the establishment of Santa Giulia and the progressive enhancement of Brescia as an arts town with a detailed cultural programme. Today the Brescia Museums Foundation manages a complex and fascinating museum system composed of the Santa Giulia Museum – a UNESCO site since 2011, together with Brixia: Roman Brescia’s Archaeological Area, the largest urban archaeological zone in north Italy – and the Tosio Martinengo Gallery, scheduled to reopen in March 2018 after a major renovation, Brescia Castle with the Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum, the cinema and multimedia centre New Eden, and a prestigious urban regeneration project in the Carmine quarter.​

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