Fondazione Zegna

Fondazione Zegna
Gioia, Italy

Fondazione Zegna was set up on 1st December 2000 by the Zegna Family.

Its mission is to give continuity to the values, philosophy and work of Ermenegildo Zegna, who in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, founded the wool mill that carries his name to this day. Following his example, quality and dedication may live in harmony with protection of our natural environment, social wellbeing and the cultural development of the local community.

Fondazione Zegna is based in Trivero, where Casa Zegna, an historical archive and cultural center, and Oasi Zegna, an "open-air laboratory" covering over 100 km2 and focusing on relationships between people, mountain culture and nature, are also situated.

Casa Zegna is a historical archive and cultural center. Inside the Zegna Wool Mill, in a 1930s building that was once the family’s home, a new “archive-museum” concept has been developed. An extraordinary synthesis of history and experience, but at the same time a multi-purpose space that’s always active, a crucible of new ideas where tradition merges with transformation.

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Fondazione ZegnaVia Guglielmo Marconi, 23
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