Foundation Venanzo Crocetti

Foundation Venanzo Crocetti
Roma, Italy

The Foundation, universal heir of the Master, was strongly desired by the artist whose name it bears to give rise to a space that could preserve and protect its rich sculptural production and at the same time to provide a place for research and innovation: a small city of art. In 1951 the studio of Maestro Crocetti transferred to Via Cassia, as he had just won the competition for the bronze Gate for the Vatican Basilica, and needed a large space to devote himself to its realization. Almost at the same time at the Door of the Sacraments he dedicated himself to the creation of the Monument of the Fallen of Teramo, an equally demanding and also large work. The two works grew together in the studio of Via Cassia, which soon became too narrow to contain both. It began for him, a period of sustained activity, engaged as he was to carry on the work of two of his most important artworks and at the same time having to expand the studio, build his home and build the Museum, the house where he would place his children, as he used to call his artworks. The property of the Foundation is structured as follows: the museum that develops on an area of about 1000 m² divided into 3 floors; the building where the offices are located; the museum house where the Master lived; the atelier of the Sculptor; the multipurpose room for temporary exhibitions and the organization of events; a large parking at the service of the structure. The Museum is equipped with facilities for overcoming architectural barriers consisting of escalators and the elevator appropriately enabled that serves the three floors. The Museum, which has been open to the public since 2002, has been awarded with the Quality Mark by the Lazio Region in 2009 and it is included in the Regional Museum Organization. The house is included in the circuit of the House-museum.

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Foundation Venanzo CrocettiVia Cassia, 492
00189 Roma RM
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