Fundación Aburrá

Fundación Aburrá
Medellín, Colombia

Fundación Aburrá offers to the city of Medellin and to the world, the creation of a museum with global impact. Fundación Aburrá showcases ceramics, metallic arts, and other techniques of the pre-Hispanic cultures that once used to inhabit Colombia. Each piece is accompanied by their iconographic and iconological descriptions, which equates and relates them to other cultures that are considered to be more developed.

In this platform we will share a sample of our valuable prehispanic collection and offer new points of view that will bring you closer to the ancestral identity of Colombia, particularly from Antioquia. We also pay homage to the legacy of our teacher, Gabriel Monsalve Madrigal and the in-depth research of of Ricardo Saldarriga Gaviria, which is summarized in his book, “El Paisa y sus Orígenes.”

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Fundación AburráCl 44A #72-35
Laureles - Estadio
Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia
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