Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania
Saschiz, Romania

Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania is a landscape stewardship NGO, registered as a charity in 2004 in Romania and in the UK. ADEPT has been working for 10 years to protect the nature-rich, farmed landscapes of Transylvania, and to support the traditional farming communities who have created them over centuries and who maintain them today. ADEPT's aim is to give these landscapes and communities an economic future and relevance in the 21st century without sacrificing their traditional culture, sustainability and productivity. These landscapes are increasingly recognised an important model more widely in Europe. Some of Europe’s most important cultural landscapes are found in Romania, especially Transylvania. These 'High Nature Value' landscapes provide good food and high local employment, they protect many aspects of local culture, and provide many other spiritual and environmental benefits for the wider European public. But they are under threat. It would be a tragedy to lose them now, just as their importance and irreplaceability is being understood. For more details, and to become involved in ADEPT's work, visit

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ADEPT TransilvaniaStrada Principală 166
Saschiz 547510
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