Galeria de Arte Urbana

Galeria de Arte Urbana
Lisbon, Portugal

The GAU - Urban Art Gallery - is now closer to everyone. We went from 7 panels installed on Calçada da Glória | Largo da Oliveirinha, to walls and facades, to waste collection trucks and bottle banks that can be discovered throughout the entire city. We can be reached at and finally got in the social networks. Send us pictures of graffiti and street art that you find in Lisbon, make comments, and inform us about your projects and anything that might be happening inside this universe. If you like street art, we like it too, a lot! The street is our canvas - an everlasting collection of street art on +Google Art Project We’re part of Google’s new #streetartproject is launched at From the Philippines to Portugal; Paris to Bogotá, there are 5000+ images and 100 exhibitions from around the globe for you to enjoy! Check out our own collection here at Google Cultural Institute.

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Galeria de Arte UrbanaRua da Boavista 9

1200-779 Lisbon
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