Gerd Knäpper Gallery

Daigo-machi, Japan

The Gerd Knäpper Gallery, located in the beautiful Japanese country side of Daigo, Ibaraki and adjacent traditional Japanese thatched manor house, in 300km north of Tokyo, was the residence of the late German Ceramic/Bronze artist Gerd Knäpper. The gallery and the manor house have been renovated by the artist's own hands and he also added a self designed climbing kiln (Nobori-gama). Gerd Knäpper's work consists of Ceramic and Bronze structures which incorporate elements of the East and West. Gerd Knäpper's works are displayed in the gallery as well as across the rest of the estate, as garden objects. The gallery also holds exhibitions by various other artists and regularly holds music and performance art events. The gallery space is available for hire.

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Gerd Knäpper Gallery ゲルト・クナッパー ギャラリー1222 Hanawa
Daigo-machi, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki-ken 319-3537
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