Grão Vasco National Museum

Grão Vasco National Museum
Viseu, Portugal

Vasco Fernandes, celebrated in the course of centuries with the epithet Grão Vasco, is the greatest reference, in the designation and contents, of the museum of Viseu.
The main collection of the Museum is made up of a remarkable collection of altarpiece paintings, from the Cathedral, local churches and other museum deposits, by Vasco Fernandes (c. 1475-1542), Grão Vasco, collaborators and contemporaries. The collection also includes figurative objects and supports originally intended for liturgical practices (painting, sculpture, goldsmiths and ivories, from the Romanesque to the Baroque), mostly from the Cathedral and churches in the region, plus pieces of archeology, an important collection of Portuguese paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, examples of Portuguese faience, goldsmithery, oriental porcelain and furniture.

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Museu Nacional Grão VascoAdro Sé
3500-195 Viseu
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