Graffiti Lobby Berlin

Graffiti Lobby Berlin
Berlin, Germany

The Graffiti Lobby Berlin is an open and independent network of people dedicated to Graffiti Art. It's a transparent network that includes artists, creative agencies, social workers, urban developers, gallery owners, teachers, politicians and other people who want to get involved. The common goal is to actively support and promote the Graffiti and Urban Art culture in Berlin. We are fighting for the recognition of Graffiti as an art form and promoting a new approach to support it. For over 20 years, Graffiti and Urban Art is the leading art movement of capitals around the world. Berlin is Europe's graffiti capital, also recognized by the New York Times. However, the city of Berlin does not have sufficient legal areas for sprayers (hall of fames). Even the political promise to reserve alternative areas - as a result of the nationwide tightening of graffiti legislation in 2005 - has changed little so far. An important goal of Graffiti Lobby is the establishment of legal freely accessible areas for sprayers (halls of fame) in the entire city of Berlin. Anyone who wants to join us, contact us on We meet usually monthly at various locations in Berlin.

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Graffiti Lobby BerlinFeldtmannstraße 152
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