Institut Valencià d'Art Modern

Institut Valencià d'Art Modern
València, Spain

The IVAM, created by Law in 1986, represented in 1989 -the opening year- the concretion of artistic modernity in Valencia. Today the museum has consolidated its prestige and has become a referent not only for the city, but for the contemporary art.

Bordering the historic city centre, the IVAM emerges as a cry of modernity. In just two decades has achieved the privilege of being part of the international circuit of modern and contemporary art and, at the same time, has become a major attraction for researchers, artists and tourists.

Julio González’s work, which combines the main artistic movements of the beginning of the twentieth century, sets one of its main purposes: the continual updating of modern art production. But there is also space for precursors in the museum. Some of them, such as Ignacio Picazo, are of major importance in the IVAM collection. They were later joined by new names, works of art and, overall, artistic movements that have went through the twentieth century. Some of them emerged in Europe, but others were born in the United States or in South America.

Photography and photo-collage, Pop Art, abstraction, sculpture, installations and new media art and drawing on paper are part of what is currently considered as one of the most comprehensive art collections of contemporary art, with more than ten thousand five hundred pieces from distinct artists that represent the modernity and contemporaneity of the twentieth century at the beginning of the twenty first century.

The IVAM has recently become a meeting point for Valencian visitors, for tourists, researchers or anyone who wants to dive into the world of contemporary art have within reach the work of some of the artists that have drawn contemporary art history.

On behalf of the IVAM I would like to welcome everybody that approaches the museum through this website. I welcome the sporadic visitors and those devoted to contemporaneity. I welcome the artists, the friends of the IVAM, the Members of Honour, the museum’s sponsors and everyone who visits this site, because the IVAM will continue adapting to modernity to keep alive the interest for modern art among Valencian citizens.

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