Keio University Library

Keio University Library
Minato City, Japan

From early modern to modern times, Japanese society changed rapidly and radically. Keio University was established during the modernization period. Since then the university had always been one of the leading universities in Japan.

Over a century, Keio University Library had developed excellent collections since the days of our founder Yukichi Fukuzawa, in order to support research and education in various disciplines. The collections include Important Cultural Properties, incunabula such as Gutenberg Bible, ukiyo-e, and more than 10,000 rare editions consisting of manuscripts and letters written by historically notable people. Besides collecting and preserving the items, Keio University Library proactively exhibits its collections inside and out of the library as well as the university. We also work to digitize and release the precious collections, making extensive efforts in inheritance of culture.

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Keio University2-chōme-15-45 Mita
Minato City, Tokyo 108-0073
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