Kyoto Women's University, Lifestyle Design Laboratory

Kyōto-shi, Japan

The three keywords of the Kyoto Women’s University Lifestyle Design Laboratory are “Kyoto,” “Design,” and “Craftsmanship.” There, students undertake design activities in cooperation with the regional community and local business as well as with public organizations as part of a practical hands-on educational program that also returns the fruits of their research to society. Initially, the program began as an academic component of the Department of Apparel and Space Design under the Faculty of Home Economics, but ultimately its activities were recognized separately and in December 2015 the laboratory was established as an affiliate institution of the university and became a base for university-wide activity. Starting with the Department of Apparel and Space Design at its core, the program spans the entire university to bring together faculty, researchers, research staff, interns, and students who aspire to regional collaboration and wish to contribute to society. By joining forces in a variety of ways, they aim to bring new awareness and joy to society through the power of design.

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