Egypt - Biennale Arte 2015

Egypt - Biennale Arte 2015
Venice, Italy

Every one strives for his own peace. Aware or not we revolve in this orbit, everyone on his way plays the peace game, chooses his options. But can he sees his choices destiny?

Can you see? is a message of peace addressed to all human beings around the world, to achieve serenity and inner peace. Visitors of the Egyptian Pavilion will go through a virtual journey along a “message of peace”, around/through the word “PEACE”, which will be presented in a 3-dimensional installation, shaped by wooden boards and covered with green artificial grass. These boards, oriented in different directions and set up in various levels: up, down, or flat, trying to reflect the irregularities of human lives. Visitors will go through a “PEACE test” conceptualized upon the latest and sophisticated digital technologies of Augmented Reality, which will be visualized by the tablets attached to the board sides.

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Egypt - Biennale Arte 2015Giardini di Castello 1260
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