Le Centre d'Art - Haïti

Le Centre d'Art - Haïti
Port au Prince, Haiti

Le Centre d’Art is a Haitian State approved nonprofit cultural institution dedicated to promoting Haiti’s artistic creation through the conservation of heritage values. It was established in 1944 at the instigation of the American watercolorist, DeWitt Peters, and Haitian intellectuals including Maurice Borno, Philippe-Thoby Marcelin Albert Mangonès, Geo Remponeau, Jean Chenet ou Gerald Bloncourt, at a time when there were not yet any art galleries or a public art school in Haiti. Initially conceived as a training and production space for artists, the Center quickly became a reference for the dissemination of Haitian art.

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Le Centre d'Art - Haïti58 rue Roy, Bas peu de Choses
Port au Prince
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