Lee Ungno Museum

Lee Ungno Museum
Daejeon, South Korea

The Lee Ungno Museum was opened in May 2007 for the purpose of celebrating the life and creative career of Goam Lee Ungno (1904–1989) and to pass down the spirit of his artistic world to future generations.

The Lee Ungno Museum preserves and studies resources related to Lee Ungno, who is an important figure in the history of Korean modern and contemporary art. Through multi-faceted activities, including exhibitions, academic gatherings, publications, and educational programs, the museum also aims to share Lee’s creative accomplishments with as many people as possible.

Lee’s artistic world is a meeting point between the East and the West. The same can be said of the museum’s buildings, which were designed in collaboration between Lee and French architect Laurent Beaudouin.

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Lee Ungno Museum157, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu
South Korea
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