Hungarian State Opera

Hungarian State Opera
Budapest, Hungary

The Opera House is not only one of the most significant listed buildings of Budapest but number one institute of opera playing with a 300-year-old history as well as the symbol of Hungarian classical music culture.
The Hungarian State Opera holds its absolute leading position in Hungarian theatrical life: besides the Paris Opera it is one of the greatest centres of integrated arts in the world. The Opera House seats 1,260 people, 1,300 with extra seats, attendance is an average 90%. The average attendance of the Erkel, home of the largest Central-European theatre auditorium is 75%, which means an average viewer number of 1,373 out of a seating area of 1,819 without extra seats. The grand auditorium of the Erkel Theatre with extra seats can hold 1,900 people. With the newly-operational Erkel Theatre the total number of visitors of opera and ballet performances more than doubled in 2013.

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Hungarian State OperaBudapest
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