Mosfilm Cinema Concern

Mosfilm Cinema Concern
Moskva, Russia

Mosfilm is the undisputed leader of the Russian film industry. Concern produces almost all the Russian motion pictures, television and video products. With more than one hundred films a year production capacity, Mosfilm produces, releases and sells motion pictures, television series, and videos and also renders a service of a completely full movies production cycle - from a script to final film releases.

The majority of existing motion pictures that were put on the market were created at the Mosfilm complex by studios which are led by famous Russian cinematographers Vadim Abdrashytov, Georgy Danelia, Svetlana Druzhinina, Vladimir Menshov, Vladimir Naumov, Gleb Panfilov, Sergei Soloviov, Alla Surikova, Andrey Eshpay etc.

Over the last nine years the Mosfilm has been actively upgrading its production facilities and technical resources. Mosfilm makes colossal efforts in renovation its pavilions and studios, equipping them with the latest hardware and camera equipment, according to the most demanding modern standards. The Sound Stages and Mixing Stages were outfitted with the latest digital equipment; making them the world’s first studios received Dolby Premier Studios certificates from Dolby Laboratories in 2006.

Mosfilm is using modern equipment for all the types of motion picture and video editing, telecine and computer graphics. The studio has unique collections of historical costumes, props and retro cars. Mosfilm is the only studios that preserved its motion picture fund, and heavily investing in films restoration from the studio’s golden collection. Mosfilm is a sine qua non at any Russian film festivals in many countries. Festivals show retrospective and new films, both Russian and foreign.

Now days, Mosfilm has over 1,200 employees and state an industry-forming company in Russian cinema.

After the crisis of the 1990s has passed, the studio not only preserved cinematographic traditions and professions but also evolved into a highly profitable business and has increased in profit more than 10 times for the last nine years.

Today Mosfilm is synonymous with advanced technologies, sustained film production, top-notch creative professionals, and rare collection objects and films. All of these points have earned the studio a rightful status of flagship of the Russian film industry, made an unmatched contribution to the revival of Russian cinema.

General Director and Board Chairman of the MOSFILM Cinema Concern — Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov

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