Auckland, New Zealand

MOTAT is New Zealand's largest transport and technology museum. The MOTAT collection cares for over 300,000 objects of technology, transport, science, and social history from Aotearoa New Zealand. Through the stories of innovation and ingenuity from Aoteaora New Zealand we seek to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

Established in 1964 MOTAT Museums of Transport and Technology, has a significant aviation heritage collection and a fully operational tram and rail collection. Our 1870's water pumphouse contains one of the most advanced Beam Engines from that era and is maintained to still be operational today.

MOTAT’s Walsh Memorial Library houses an extensive collection of historical records, archives, photography and materials reflecting Auckland’s social history and New Zealand’s unique history of transport and technology.

MOTAT's collection includes items from some of Aotearoa New Zealand's most famed innovators, inventors and adventurers including Jean Batten, Richard Pearse, Bruce McLaren, Peter Beck, and Sir Edmund Hillary.

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MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology805 Great North Road
Western Springs
Auckland 1022
New Zealand
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