Museo Nacional del Romanticismo

Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
Madrid, Spain

The Museo del Romanticismo depends on the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government through the General Direction for Fine Arts, Cultural Properties, Archives and Libraries.

The museum is dedicated to Romanticism, a cultural and political movement that reached its height throughout Europe in the early 19th century, and is housed in an 18th century palace, in the main downtown of the city.

It is a museum house, a reconstruction of how a bourgeois palace could have been during the Spanish Romanticism (1830-1868). The Museum visitor has access to different types and levels of information through two essential routes: and atmospheric tour (with special reference to the decorative aspects and the daily life of this period) and a tour based on thematic criteria showing historical, political and artistic issues.

The origin of the collections is closely linked to its founder, Benigno de la Vega Inclán, 2nd Marquis de la Vega Inclán. In 1921, in anticipation of the future museum, the Spanish Society of Friends of Art organised an exhibition of 86 paintings and pieces of furniture belonging to the Marquis. Thereafter, the initial core of the collection has been enriched with subsequent purchases, donations and deposits that have made the Museum one of the clearest exponents of the re-creation of Romantic atmospheres from the 19th century in Spain. The Museum's collections are characterised by their richness and heterogeneity, containing 15.708 museographic funds, as well as around 3.900 documentary funds belonging to its interesting historical archive. The Museum has a heterogeneous collection, with paintings, miniatures, engravings, drawings, furniture, photographs, sculptures, toys and decorative arts.

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National Museum of RomanticismC. de San Mateo, 13
28004 Madrid
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