Tapestry Parish Museum of Pastrana

Tapestry Parish Museum of Pastrana
Pastrana, Spain

Welcome to the Collegiate Church of Pastrana, Guadalajara, an extraordinary monument from 13th to 17th centuries that in addition to its own beauty and artistic content, houses inside the Tapestry Parish Museum of Pastrana and the underground Crypt.

We highlight the tapestry collection for its exceptional artistic, documentary, heritage, and cultural value. Concluded the conquests of Asilah and Tangier back in 1471, King Alfonso V of Portugal himself commissioned weaving the tapestries to commemorate these military victories.

It was on May 18, 1667 when the council of the Collegiate Church of Pastrana accepts the tapestries donated by Doña Catalina Gómez de Sandoval y Mendoza.

After multiple avatars throughout its history and touring the entire world, the tapestries returned to Pastrana in 2014 and are currently displayed in an adapted and conditioned museum space.

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Museo Parroquial de Tapices de PastranaC. Melchor Cano, 1
19100 Pastrana
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