Girona Art Museum

Girona Art Museum
Girona, Spain


Girona Art Museum is home to the most important collection in both the diocese and in Girona province as a whole and offers an itinerary through unique works of Catalan art.

Visitors to the Museum are offered a chronological presentation of pictorial and sculptural works from different periods and in successive styles (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Realist, Art Nouveau and noucentista), in rooms devoted to ceramics, glassware and liturgical art. The route through the permanent exhibition starts with a fragment of an early Christian tombstone from Empúries. The collection significantly includes the liturgical ensemble from Sant Pere de Rodes (ninth century), the Martyrology of Usuard (a fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript) and one of the most striking altarpiece ensembles of the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries, as well as major Catalan Renaissance and Baroque works. The visit concludes with works by nineteenth- and twentieth-century painters who were connected with Girona, such as Urgell, Vayreda, Rusiñol, Berga and Bertrana.

The Museum’s exhibition rooms and gardens periodically host different activities and temporary exhibitions.

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Girona Art MuseumPujada de la Catedral, 12
17004 Girona
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