Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo

Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

The Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo inherits from the Memorial of Immigrant all the history of preservation of the memory of people who arrived in Brazil through the Immigrant Inn, and the relationship built over the years with several communities representing the city and the State.

In the intertwining of these memories one finds the single opportunity to understand and think about the migratory process. The Immigration Museum aims to be the meeting point of communities in São Paulo, a place increasingly frequented by Paulistanos and Paulistas and a mandatory cultural and tourist attraction for visitors from outside the state and the country.

In its new museum project, the Immigration Museum valorizes even more the meeting of multiple histories and origins, and invites the public to get in touch with memories of people who came from distant lands, their travel conditions, adaptation to new jobs and their contribution to build what we currently call Paulista identity.

The history of human immigration should not be approached as a past issue; there is the need to approach the most recent shifts. The Immigration Museum fosters the dialogue about immigrations as a contemporary phenomenon, which does not end with the closing of the Inn activities, acknowledging the reception of millions of current immigrants and the repercussion of this shift to the city.

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Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo1316, Visconde de Parnaíba street - Mooca
São Paulo
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