Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine

Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine

The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine is almost 6,000 works of Ukrainian painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative and applied art of the XX-XXI centuries. Today, these are three exhibition spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions (the entire 1st floor). Currently, it is the only museum in the country, where the works of many representatives of various art schools and directions of all regions of Ukraine from the 1930s of the 20th century to the present are preserved. The collection includes more than five thousand works of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative and applied art. The collection contains the works of more than 700 authors.

According to the founder of the Museum, Serhiy Tsyupko, "the purpose of the Museum is not only to collect and exhibit the artistic heritage of our people, but also to return Ukrainian values ​​to Ukraine. Return for those who consider themselves as citizens of Ukraine, love it and wish to see it strong and developed, cultured and educated. We dream that our Museum will be visited by a large number of fans of Ukrainian art, so that our children will receive aesthetic pleasure from the world of artistic images and feel respect for artists of the past. We are open to everyone and offer you to immerse yourself in the harmony of paintings, which will certainly help give birth to thoughts and feelings...".

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Museum of Modern Art of UkraineYevhena Konovaltsia St, 44-А
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