Museum of Movement

Museum of Movement
Bengaluru, India

Many of us are very proud of our heritage, but very concerned that a lot of it is fast disappearing, falling prey to the insensitive and misguided goal of becoming modern. We worry about the needless destruction of our traditional architecture, to be replaced by concrete steel and glass boxes. We stand by helpless as lovely old buildings are torn down in our cities, stone kerbs are yanked out and replaced with featureless grey concrete and trees are first choked, then killed. Similarly, our villages are becoming shanty-towns, as ugly concrete and sheet roofed sheds, ill-suited to our climate, replace local architecture that has evolved over centuries. The ‘Centre for Heritage Preservation and Presentation’ aims to protect and preserve what is left of India’s beauty and cultural and natural heritage. We aim to document, preserve, restore and conserve the heritage of India, both tangible and intangible, by setting up a museum and learning centre on heritage protection, conservation restoration and presentation. The Centre will take up consultancies and scientific research in the fields of heritage conservation and restoration. It will develop facilities in order to attract individuals/entities who share a common interest in heritage, and offer experiential learning opportunities to them to get to know, celebrate and restore our rich heritage.

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Museum of Movement184/10, Whitefield Main Road

Bengaluru, 560066
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