Museum of Silver Age (House of Brusov)

Museum of Silver Age (House of Brusov)
Moscow , Russia


Focus of the Silver Age Moscow - this is the only of its kind, a unique museum, housed in a house where from 1910 to 1924 he lived a poet, writer, critic and translator Valery Yakovlevich Bruce. In the aesthetic world of the Silver Age have visitors enter at the entrance - in the exhibition includes the interiors of the hall in front of the wardrobe and cabinet Bryusov. Memorial room of the poet himself has been restored from photographs, and memoirs of contemporaries. Here you can see the books of a unique library, arranged on shelves in the order, which is defined Bryusov; paintings by contemporary artists Bryusov, presented to the poet, special cabinets, in which Bruce kept his manuscripts and drafts. The display cabinet all the evidence of high scholarship and amazing ability to work owner.

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Museum of Silver Age (House of Brusov)Moscow
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