Moscow Literary Museum Centre of K. G. Paustovsky

Moscow Literary Museum Centre of K. G. Paustovsky
Moskva, Russia

The literary museum of K. G. Paustovsky, who is a classic of Russian literature, was founded on a voluntary basis in 1975. From 1987 the museum is disposed in its own house; the house ("Gardener's outhouse" or "The grey cottage") is a memorial of XVIII century wooden architecture and it sites in country estate "Vlachernskoye - Kuzminki". The museum was established by the Culture Committee of the Moscow Government.

The museum deposits documents, photographs, graphic and other memorabilia of Paustovsky. The museum collects and studies everything about life and work of the writer; it also popularizes his writings. Annual literary celebrations in honour of Paustovsky are used to be arranged by the museum on his birthday (May 31). These celebrations are carried out in different cities that bear relations to the writer. Collections of scientific articles are issued by the museum. The uncommon fact is that the museum issues its own cultural, educational literary periodical "The world of Paustovsky". The museum is in creative touch with researchers and admirers of Paustovsky in Russia and around the world

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Moscow Literary Museum Centre of KG PaustovskyKuz'minskaya Ulitsa, 8
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