National Center of Folk Culture - Ivan Honchar Museum

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ivan Honchar Museum (National Centre of Folk Culture) is a museum in 

Kiev, Ukraine showcasing the culture of Ukraine and preserving 

Ukrainian folk art.

The museum was founded on a private collection of Ivan Makarovych 

Honchar shortly after his death in 1993. During the Soviet period, 

Ivan was accused of nationalism. Each individual showing an interest 

in his private collection was registered with the KGB.

The collection consists of over 30,000 items from the 16th to the 

early 20th centuries. A good example is a painting of the Ukrainian 

folklore hero Cossack Mamay. Other items include over 800 icons from 

the 16th century, more than 100 paintings by famous Ukrainian 

artists, an impressive collection of nearly 4000 items of textiles 

from the 18th and 19th centuries, pottery, toys, Easter eggs, wood 

carvings and Ukrainian folk music instruments. Another part of the 

museum consists of Honchar's private library with books containing 

material that had the possessor sent to prison during Soviet times.

The Museum is a living institution, not only a collection of 

exhibits. There are folk art studios, shops, a theatre of folk songs 

and folklore, Ukrainian cuisine hands-on classes and other courses.

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Ivan Honchar MuseumЛаврська вул., 19
Kyiv Oblast
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