National Museum of Costume in Portugal

National Museum of Costume in Portugal
Lisboa, Portugal

The National Costume Museum (Museu Nacional do Traje), created in 1976, presents to the public a collection of historical costumes, garments and accessories, dating from the XVIII century to the present day, either in permanent or temporary exhibitions. The collection is housed in the Angeja-Palmela Palace with, on its grounds, the Monteiro-Mor Botanic Park.

Its purpose is to establish a strategy for the research, conservation and public exhibition of costumes and textiles. Furthermore, it has a policy of safeguarding and promoting the Monteiro-Mor Botanic Park and supporting this heritage among the community.

Preserving Green (“Conservar Verde”) is a concept that integrates the values of responsibility and sustainability, as well as the management of the cultural and natural heritage entrusted to the National Costume Museum.

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Costume MuseumLargo Júlio Castilho
1600-483 Lisboa
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