Numismatic Museum

Athens, Greece

The Numismatic
Museum is situated in the heart of the
historic center of Athens.
Its collection consists of more than 500,000 objects, coins, lead seals,
weights, medals and gems, from the ancient Greek world, Rome, Byzantium,
Eastern civilizations, medieval and modern Europe, America and the modern Greek
state. It is unique in Greece
and one of the most significant of its kind worldwide.


The Museum is housed in the Iliou
Melathron, once the residence of the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann.
The building, a work by the architect Ernst Ziller, was completed in 1880 and
stood as a reference point for the Athenian social life. The building combines
elements of neoclassicism and the Italian Renaissance and its decoration expresses
the passion of Schliemann for antiquity.

The permanent collection presents the history of
coins from the ancient Greek world until modern times, showcasing the methods
of production and control, the numismatic system, the symbolism of the
depictions, the market value and the coin circulation, the strong
–international coins and their geopolitical expansion as well as the people’s
relationship with money. The collection of medals on exhibit preserve
information on important historical events, rulers, historical individuals,
important buildings and cities from the Renaissance to this day. Temporary
exhibitions, cultural events and planned educational programs are organized in
the museum galleries and courtyard. There
is a museum shop for visitors and a museum café in the garden of the Museum.

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