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The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) is an organisation which serves to foster Franco-German co-operation.

What is the FGYO?

By signing the Elysée Treaty on 22 January 1963, General De Gaulle, President of the French Republic, and Konrad Adenauer, Federal Chancellor, laid the foundations of the Franco-German Youth Office. The Intergovernmental Agreement of 5 July 1963 implemented provisions made under this Treaty of Franco-German co-operation by creating a body known as the ''Franco-German Youth Office'', to foster relations between French and German young people.

What are the FGYO’s fields of activity?

The FGYO works on the principle of subsidiarity with several partner organisations in order to achieve the following objectives:

· to strengthen links between children, young people, young adults and youth leaders in both countries

· to contribute to the discovery of each other's culture

· to encourage intercultural learning

· to promote measures leading to vocational qualifications

· to develop joint projects promoting active citizenship

· to encourage an awareness of the special role of France and Germany in Europe

· to promote an increased interest in each other's language and to strengthen language learning

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