The Opium War Museum

The Opium War Museum
Dong Guan Shi, China

The Opium War Museum, built in 1957 and located in Humen town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, is jointly administered with the Lin Zexu Memorial and Sea Battle Museum. The museum and it's historical sites focus on the special subject of the Opium trade, it's suppression by the official Lin Zexu, and the two Opium Wars (1839–1842 and 1856–1860, respectively). The Site of the Pits where Lin Zexu had opium destroyed and The Ruin Site of Humen batteries, under its administration are important historical relic units under state protection, encompassing over 800,000 sq. meters. These sites are witness to the history of the Opium trade and war. The responsibilities of the Museum are to collect, research and display the historical materials of the event when Lin Zexu in 1839 had opium destroyed and the Opium War, and protect the related cultural relics of the Pits Ruin Site, and The Ruin Site of Humen batteries, which were used to hold activities about patriotism education for people. The basic exhibitions of the museum are "Display of the opium prohibition and history of Opium War", "The exhibition on Sea Battle during the Opium War" and "Half view painting of Sea Battle at Humen".

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