The Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino

The Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino
Lima, Peru


The Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino is a collection of art that includes the most varied peruvian artistic expressions of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Their origins dates back to 1925 when the President Augusto B. Leguia decided to institutionalized it. Since then their cultural heritage has positioned; it has grown into one of the most important collections of Peruvian art with a great recognition at home and abroad. At the present time its patrimonial heritage amount to 883 works with the most varied trends and authors like Pancho Fierro, Ignacio Merino, Francisco Laso, Daniel Hernández, José Sabogal, Julia Codesido, Juan Manuel Ugarte Eléspuru, Tilsa Tsuchiya, Fernando de Szyszlo and others prominent exponents of Peruvian plastic arts.
The municipal Art Gallery has his most notable collections, a costumbrist painter Pancho Fierro`s watercolors, conformed by a total of 254 art works. This outstanding collection arises by the initiative of Agustín de la Rosa Toro asked Pancho Fierro to be in charge of his own production of his watercolors. Ricardo Palma is subsequently who increases the collection with works by Fierro´s contemporaries.
Ignacio Merino’s collection comes from his desire to leave his work as a legacy to the City of Lima and he made sure to put in his will before his death. Actually the collection has thirty-six works of undeniable academic rigor which places it in a privileged status in the nineteenth century Peruvian´s plastic art.
The Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino places in their policies a special emphasis on preserving and broadcasting his collection from the scientific discipline and educational programs, which together strengthen our local identity, with services to meet public demand and encourage continuous innovation. We seek to forge a responsible policy of his heritage, educational development and a transparent and efficient management.

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The Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino Jr. Conde de Superunda 141, 3° piso.
Palacio Municipal. Centro Histórico de Lima
Lima 01
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