Pomeranian State Museum

Pomeranian State Museum
Greifswald, Germany

The Pomeranian State Museum is located on the grounds of a former Franciscan Monastery. The former library, which is the only preserved part of the monastery, is integrated in the building. Today’s art gallery used to be the town school, built by Johann Friedrich Quistorp, the teacher of Caspar David Friedrich, one of the well-known artists of Romanticism. In the year 2000 the art gallery was opened to the public. The unique quality of our art collection is shown by the masterpieces of Caspar David Friedrich, which reflect the Nordic landscape. Our collection possesses several works by him, among them the famous painting “The ruins of Eldena in the Giant mountains”. 14,000 years of history of Pomerania are presented in the historical crypt of the Grey Monastery, built in 1845. Culture, daily life, the formation of the landscape, politics but also likeable features of the region can be experienced on more than 1,000 square meters from the first human traces during the Stone Age to the 20th century.

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Pommersches LandesmuseumRakower Str. 9
17489 Greifswald
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