Région Bretagne

Région Bretagne
Rennes, France

Breton heritage is the tangible part of a strong regional identity. This is in fact what led André Malraux to initiate there, in 1964, one of the first Heritage Inventory services. From knowledge to development and promotion, the Brittany Region is committed to ensuring that its heritage is a powerful springboard for a lasting and widely shared influence. Responsible for the Region today, the Heritage Inventory explores all heritages, revealing resources that are sometimes seen for the first time.
The study devoted to the heritage of Breton high schools made it possible to draw attention to the educational collections kept in certain institutions. The collections of the Emile Zola high school in Rennes are exceptional, as they are not only a precious contribution to the history of sciences, but also to the history of ideas.

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Collège & Lycée Émile Zola2 Av. Jean Janvier
35000 Rennes
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