Respublica Street Art Festival.

Respublica Street Art Festival.
Кам'янець-Подільський, Ukraine


Re$publica festival is an international festival that takes places in in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine and manages to unite street art and music. Due to its anti-commercial scheme (all the proceeds are intended to be spent on painting graffiti on the buildings in the depressive areas of the city), the festival has gained its popularity among the youth, as well as the artists from Ukraine and the whole world.

More than 40 music bands from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia are going to participate in the festival every year.

We invite the majority of bands who are socially minded or have a strict social attitude and support the ideas of “Re$publica Antimoney Fest” (Liapis Trubetskoi, Tartak, LOUNA, Sergei Babkin, Valentin Strykalo, Addis Abeba, Megamass etc).

Approximately 20 muralists from Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia participate in the artistic part of the event. Among them: Vexta (Australia), Cactus e Maria (Italy), DXTR, The Ultraboys (Spain), Etam Crew (Poland), Yulia Volchkova (Russia), Ku2, Darina Momot, Kislow, Dobrye Ludi, M-97, Kalkov Vaccination (Ukraine) and others.

As a part of the festival we are going to implement the project “Intervention of Art into the urban space” where 10 buildings in different parts of the city are to be painted. In order to make the project participative, we shall try to involve artistic people (citizens, passer byes and volunteers). (official public):

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Respublica Street Art Festival.Kamianets-Podislki, Ukraine
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