Sekido Museum of Art

Sekido Museum of Art
Tokyo, Japan

Sekido Museum of Art was founded in April 2006 by the Satoh Artcraft Research & Scholarship Foundation to promote international cultural exchange and mutual understanding through artcraft and to enhance Japanese culture. The museum’s collection is built upon a group of works collected by Senju Satoh, and the museum is named after Satoh’s pseudonym, “Sekido.” Sekido Museum of Art is housed in one of the buildings of the Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. headquarters (a company specializing in solder manufacturing). It is a uniquely designed, brick-tile hexagonal building with copper sheet roofing. The interior design is chic with gray as the predominant color, which makes it easy to view the decorative arts in the museum. Another distinctive feature of this museum is that the exhibition spaces on the first and second floor are connected with a slope.

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Sekido Museum of Art23 Senjuhashido-cho, Adachi-ku

Tokyo, 120-0038
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