Shimada City Museum

Shimada City Museum
Shimada, Japan

Shimada City Museum is humanities museum that exhibits and publishes materials on the history of the Oi River, the system of River-Crossing and Shimada Inn.

On the first floor, there is a permanent exhibition room. There, Oi River in the late Edo period which was busting with travelers, Shimada Inn and the way of River-Crossing. Also, on the second floor, there is a special exhibition room. It has the art works created by the litterateurs and artists who were linked by the history or culture of Shimada City.

There is Site of Shimada Inn, Oi River River-Crossing Ruins officially-designated historical site on the east side of this museum. And there is an annex along the site which is composed of the Japanese houses built in the Meiji era, the memorial museum of Unno Mitsuhiro and the museum of folklore. You can view works of the other woodblock artist; Unno Mitsuhiro and other artists on special exhibition.

For inquiries,call 0547-1000.
Open from 9 am to 5 pm(closed on Mondays and on the days following national holidays.)

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Shimada City Museum1-5-50 Kawara, Shimada-city, Shizuoka Prefecture
Shimada, 427-0037
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