Slovak National Museum

Slovak National Museum
Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovak National Museum is the top state institution responsible for preparing museum collections, facilitating scientific research and organizing cultural and educational events in this field in the Slovak Republic.

Based on the results of scientific research and surveys, it creates, documents, processes, evaluates, protects and makes various collections of artistic, historical or scientific objects accessible to the general public, along with information on the natural and social development of the country and its ethnic communities as well as the evolution of the Slovak nation. It is also charged with responsibilities related to the creation, documentation and protection of collections integral to the country’s national cultural heritage. As part of its cultural and educational events, it presents various collections through permanent expositions and temporary exhibits throughout Slovakia as well as abroad and undertakes various other types of museum communication. It carries out scientific undertakings and makes their results accessible to the general public through various publications.

The Slovak National Museum operates one specialised public archive and a scientific library. It administers hundreds of monuments, including national cultural monuments. The responsibilities of the Slovak National Museum are carried out by its Board of Management and its 18 specialised museums, which serve as documentary, scientific and methodological workplaces. The Slovak National Museum also serves as the coordinating, methodological, professional advisory, statistical, educational and informational centre of the entire museum sector in the Slovak Republic.

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