State Darwin Museum

State Darwin Museum
Moscow, Russia

The State Darwin Museum is the world’s largest popular science center dedicated entirely to the process of evolution, and the only museum of its kind in Russia. It is visited every year by more than half a million people.
Three buildings with a total area of over 22,000 square meters.
A modern exhibition area, about 5000 square meters in size.
A collection containing about 400,000 items.
The museum constantly develops and carries out innovative informational and technological projects. We aim to provide the best possible public access to cultural heritage through our museum guidebooks, our light, video, and music program Living Planet, our multimedia exhibition River of Time, our informational center Eco Moscow, and our interactive multimedia exhibition Walk Through Evolution. On September 1, 2014, we will open the interactive multimedia educational center Know Yourself: Know the World.
The museum is a methodological center for natural science museums across Russia. It disseminates the knowledge gained through its experiences throughout the country. Each year the museum hosts more than ten celebrations, which are attended by between three and fifteen thousand people.

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