National Museum of Science and Technology

National Museum of Science and Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

At the National Museum of Science and Technology, you can explore and discover how everything fits together. An exciting journey from the infancy of industry to grand visions for the future.

Since its start in 1936, the museum has received millions of children and adults curious to see, feel, touch and understand technology in our society. The National Museum of Science and Technology is Sweden’s biggest museum of technology, and has a national charter to preserve our technical and industrial history as part of our cultural heritage.

At the museum, you can experience exhibitions on inventions, energy and the environment along with other areas of topical interest in a fun and inspiring way. We maintain archives and a library, which are open to all, and our focus is as much on on preserving and conserving our collections as on building and acquiring new knowledge. Our goal is to make our collections and other materials available on the Internet.

The National Museum of Science and Technology has existed since 1923 and became a foundation in 1948. Today, this foundation includes representatives from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Inventors’ Association, and the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The Museum has received state funding since 1965.

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Museum of TechnologyMuseivägen 7
115 27 Stockholm
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