Textile Museum of Canada

Textile Museum of Canada
Toronto, Canada

Dedicated to expanding knowledge, creativity and awareness, the Textile Museum of Canada (TMC) plays a leading role in Canada and beyond facilitating access to material culture as well as to interdisciplinary practices that embrace art, design and fashion. As an international repository of cultural heritage with a collection encompassing more than 13,000 artifacts, archaeological to contemporary, the TMC is uniquely positioned to speak to evolving experiences in a global context as well as to our increasingly global communities. Located in Toronto’s downtown core, the Museum addresses the nuances of cultures and identities through a dynamic exhibition program based on our collection as well as the work of Canadian and international contemporary artists.

Since its incorporation in 1975, the Textile Museum of Canada has garnered wide acclaim for the quality and social impact of its collections, exhibitions and programming and for its role as a renowned incubator for artistic and scholarly research and practice that provides a unique platform for the generation and exploration of new ideas. The TMC is a leader in digital heritage; at once “high touch” and “high tech,” the Museum integrates traditional practices with cutting-edge innovation to create opportunities for meaningful life-long learning. Check out our most recent digital projects: Social Fabric (www.textilemuseum.ca/socialfabric) and TXTilecity (www.txtilecity.ca)!

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Textile Museum of Canada55 Centre Ave
Toronto, ON M5G 2H5
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