Museum Alka of Sinj

Museum Alka of Sinj
Sinj, Croatia

Museum Alka of Sinj is dedicated to the knight's tournament 'Alka of Sinj', which is held every year in the town of Sinj in August. It demonstrates the game (knight’s tournament), rich clothes (or uniforms), weapons and equipment worn by participants of Alka procession on maintenance day. The Museum was opened in 2015, precisely on (or behalf on) the 300th anniversary of Alka of Sinj.

The true value of Museum lies in its strong supporting role to Alka. Alka competition is held only once a year, but now (add thanks to Museum) during the whole year visitors have an opportunity to have a closer look of everything what Alka means, which is not possible to perceive at a racetrack. Museum provides detailed information about elements of the tournament, its peculiarities, rules and history.

Permanent exhibition display is equipped with most modern forms of museum presentations and interactive content which provides more prudent knowledge and multilayer presentation. Exhibition display consists of several units: reduced Alka procession (or parade), typical (or representative) participants of Alka tournament including presentation of their uniforms and equipment, alkar the spearman in the race (or alkar the spearman at gallop), battle history and tournament winners. There is selection menu on a big screen where visitors can choose a year and see the short movie about that year's winner. Proportions and vicinity of the screen provide impression of real attendance at the racetrack.

Through the Museum, Alka is present in the local community all year round, but especially during the Alka ceremony. Special interest groups are children and young people, who will in the future become the guardians of this tradition, handed down from generation to generation for three centuries. Children and young people help Alkars the spearmen at the track with their horses. Also, during the Days of Alka, many children participate in numerous Children's Alka Tournaments at the streets of Sinj. Furthermore, we are open for volunteers and all other visitors (families, tourists) who will promote the intangible heritage of our region. They can participate in our projects according to their expertise.

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The Alka of Sinj MuseumPut Petrovca 12
21230, Sinj
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