The Golden Puck Club of A.V. Tarasov

The Golden Puck Club of A.V. Tarasov
Moskva, Russia


The history of the movement of young hockey players begins in the distant 1964. Olympic Innsbruck, soviet hockey players - world ice hockey champions! After the triumph at the Olympic Games, hockey players of the USSR national team came to visit reporters of the Pionerskaya Pravda, the most popular newspaper at that time. The legendary hockey player, player of the first three of the USSR national team Veniamin Aleksandrov presented the winning puck abandoned in the final match with the Canadians. Someone exclaimed: “Golden ...” And the young hockey player present at the meeting from the yard team of one of the Moscow districts added: “I wish we had one!”. So the idea of children's hockey tournament "Golden Puck" was born.

And, of course, children's hockey in those years was on a special account of the Komsomol Central Committee. The brilliant victories of Soviet hockey players, the high prestige of the coaches of the USSR national team, one of which, Honored Coach of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov, subsequently became the head of the Central Headquarters of the Golden Puck Club contributed to this in many respects.

In July 12, 1995, in accordance with new legislation, the Club Golden Puck was transformed into the national public organization "Club of Young Hockey Players Golden Puck named after A.V. Tarasov". The club is headed by the grandson of Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov, a participant in the Golden Puck of the 70 / 80s of the last century, Alexey Igorevich Tarasov.

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