Oriental Institute Museum

Oriental Institute Museum
Chicago, United States


The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago is a leading research center for the ancient Middle East. The museum houses some 350,000 artifacts—around 5,000 of which are on display—excavated mainly by OI archaeologists. Founded in 1919, at a time when the Middle East was called the Orient, the OI has pioneered innovative excavations and comprehensive dictionary projects that chronicle ancient civilizations. The Oriental Institute Museum aims to understand, reveal, and protect ancient Middle Eastern civilizations.

During these weeks of museum closure, we will use social media to bring the OI to you. Each Monday we will announce a theme and daily, through Friday, we will offer activities to guide your at-home-journey.

We hope that you will join us on OI social media so that we can fill a bit of your time while continuing to inspire you to learn about the history of the ancient Middle East.

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