The Project Justine - Train The Trainer e.V.

The Project Justine - Train The Trainer e.V.
Natitingou, Benin

Our vision of The Project Justine - train the trainer.
With this vision, we set ourselves the goal of enabling people in developing countries to pursue vocational training or professional development. We wanted to build and operate a training and meeting place for young people in Benin. In addition to the current tailoring trade, we are also planning other disciplines and Skills in a targeted and sustained way. Enabling them always to pass on this on „train the trainer" acquired knowledge. We want to shape their education so that after their graduation, trainees can go on to earn their own income from the products they have produced. A sales market has also made it possible to ensure that the people receive a fair and adequate salary for their work. Our aim is to help as many people as possible, thus helping them to build an independent life for themselves.

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The Project Justine - Train The Trainer e.V.Natitingou
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