Turiec Gallery

Turiec Gallery

Turiec Gallery in Martin was established in 1983. Its seat is in the historic building of the former District house in the centre of the city Martin. The gallery presents work of artists connected with the Turiec region through chamber author's exhibitions, extensive retrospectives and group presentations. It also offers the permanent exposition called Slovak Art Modernism in Turiec until the 1960s. Its concept is derived from the knowledge of art-historical facts and milestones which formed and defined the development of Slovak modern art with emphasis on the unique location of the city of Martin. It presents a selection of authors who lived and worked in Martin in the first half of the 20th century. (M. Th. Mitrovský, Ž. Duchajová-Švehlová, V. Hložník, V. Chmel, V. Stašík, L. Mrázová, E. Makovický, Group Trojštít - F. Štefunko, M. Benka, K. Ondreička, L. Záborský). At the end of the exposition there is the early work of so called Galandovci (Galanda group).

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