Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral
Washington, United States

Discover wonder and whimsy in the world's sixth-largest Gothic Cathedral, and find your place in the exquisite beauty that traces our walk with God and our history as Americans.

Washington National Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people, conceived by our founders to serve as a great church for national purposes. It is also a place of great art and architecture. Built over 83 years of construction, Washington National Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece designed to point eyes and hearts toward things above. It’s a thoroughly American interpretation of 14th-century English Gothic, assembled using Old World techniques to nurture a mission for the 21st century.

Here at the intersection of sacred and civic life, we strive to serve God and our neighbors as agents of reconciliation, a trusted voice of moral leadership and a sacred space where the country gathers during moments of national significance.

Sightseeing hours vary day-to-day to accommodate the wide range of activities offered at the Cathedral. To plan your visit, go to: https://cathedral.org/visit-us/

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Washington National Cathedral3101 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016
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