Zhenjing Traditional Woodwork Museum

Zhenjing Traditional Woodwork Museum
Shanghai, China


Located in Fenggongyuan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Shanghai, Zhenjing Traditional Woodwork Museum consists of contemporary artists, connoisseurs, cultural relic experts and traditional old carpenters. It has exhibition halls of 660 square meters, which are divided into fixed display area and dynamic demonstration hall.

More than 1,600 objects are collected here, including traditional Chinese woodwork tools, such as ink fountain, axe, adze, hammer, drill, saw, planer, ruler and chisel, and related literary and historical materials. There are also stone axes and saws in the Stone Age, early bronze tools, iron woodwork tools in Song/Liao Dynasty, numerous ink fountains in Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China period, post-liberation woodwork tools with distinct time characteristics, a large number of paper archives, woodworking notes, bills, deeds and postcards and others.

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Zhenjing Traditional Woodwork MuseumNo. 839 Nanqiao Road, Fengxian District
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