The Descent of the Serpent

Explore the symbols, culture, and legends of ancient Mesoamerica

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Museo Nacional de Antropología, México

Travel to Ancient Mesoamerica and Save the World!

Find the objects. Conquer the maze. Unlock ancient secrets!

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Did you know that ancient Maya writing was pictographic?So are modern day emojis

Learn what each emoji means and the stories they reveal

Can you guess which emojis tell an ancient myth?
Legend has it the gods raised an animal to the moon, where a dark spot in its shape remains...
Legend has it that a rabbit offered its life to feed the god Quetzalcoatl... click Learn More to find out what happened next.

Don't Forget to Chat with Quetzals

Feathered friends will help you through the maze and earn you bonus points

Did you know different colored Ceiba trees represented the cardinal directions?To learn more, travel south! (Or should we say yellow?)
Can you guess which emojis color the four cardinal directions?
Hint: the answer lies at the end of the rainbow🌈
In ancient Maya myth, different color ceiba trees represented North, South, East and West.
What was the third crop planted in an ancient method known as the "Three Sisters"?
This protein-packed plant grows up around corn stalks 🌽 and tastes delicious with squash 🎃 ...
Beans 🌱
The Three Sisters were a tasty and clever combination of crops farmed together to produce a hearty and delicious ancient diet 🎃 🌽🌱

A Maze of Maize

Did you make it through the cornfields in Level 1 of the Descent of the Serpent?

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